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Hustadvika Adventure is a proud and humble provider of accommodation and activities in this astonishing site.


Today, the province serves as year-around home for a modest total of 11 people. The island has a beauty attracting individuals from all over. Ona Lighthouse is a well known construction built in 1865, placed at Onakalven - the highest point in the area. There is a small summer cafe, the exclusive "Ona Sjokolade", two pottery workshops,knitting shop, a chapel and a long beach, and enticing surroundings promising memorable experiences.



Our location is based directly at the pier, two hundred meters from the ferry dock and provides housing for up to 28 persons. We offer a variety of activities on site, there among fishing.

Onakaia. Overnattingssted Ona. Brygge. Kai. Feriehus.

Olavsbu is our trendiest unit. The apartment holds five beds, and an additional crib for our youngest guests. Kitchen is fully equipped, including new, top modern white goods.

Overnattingssted Ona. Olavsbu. Leilighet for par Ona.

Tørkeriet is a charming apartment, spacious, and with an impressive view. The apartment has three bedrooms with a total of nine beds. The kitchen is fully equipped, and there is a large dining table in the generous living-room. 

Overnattingssted Ona. Tørkeriet. Leilighet. Feriehus Ona.

Karistova is at the top, and offers beautiful views across the great sea. The kitchen and living-room is fully equipped, and the apartment holds three bedrooms and an additional loft, giving a total of fourteen beds. Pets are allowed in Karistova.

Overnattingssted Ona. Karistova. Leilighet for utleie. Feriehus Ona.
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