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Hustadvika Adventure is located in Elnesvågen, Møre & Romsdal. Surrounded by fjords filled with islands, waters rich on fish and life, and with the great sea as the nearest neighbor, this area offers huge variety of activities for the adventurous soul. Amongst activities offered by Hustadvika Adventure, you find hiking, boat excursions, several forms of fishing, culinary experiences at locale food producers, caving and eagle safari.


Having in depth knowledge about the area and what it has to offer, Hustadvika Adventure will bring you experiences providing memories for life. For guests from far and near, hidden treasures await in a spectacular area by the coast of Norway.



Sindre Tverfjell



Founder Sindre Tverfjell is a passionate sports fisherman and hunter. He is happy to share his knowledge with you as a guest and holds long experience within the wide field of outdoor life and activities.

Born and raised in Elnesvågen, Sindre has the local knowledge to add the special touch giving you the perfect adventure experience.


Rachel Tetlie Morstøl

Ronja H. Morstøl

PR Manager

& Tour Coordinator

Booking Manager

& Tour Coordinator

Rachel Tetlie Morstøl is an outdoor enthusiast by heart. She believes nothing can nurture the soul as nature and is a devoted hunter and hiker.


Having experience from a wide field of customer service, Rachel is the one to handle the majority of our customer requests, and she is in charge of all booking related themes.

Ronja H. Morstøl holds strong beliefs in mankind’s roots in the great outdoors. Being an adventurous soul, she truly enjoys sharing her love for hiking and outdoor activities with anyone up for new experiences.

Undergoing studies in applied psychology, Ronja sees great value in nature and physical activity to create genuine happiness and well-being.

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