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Our area offers several fishing grounds, housing decent amounts of brown trout. The variety of preserves differs from low-lying waters almost guaranteed fish, to those a bit more remote high mountain ones, where the big catch is lurking somewhere in the crystal clear water.

When the weather has been generous, giving bigger amounts of rain and flood, we also offer trips to a local river well suitable for fishing salmon.


We adjust the trip to your wishes and needs, from fishing right outside the door, to several days in the mountains, wandering from fishing ground to fishing ground, with tent and sleeping bag in our backpacks. Hustadvika Adventure provide all necessary paperwork and licenses.





Come join us hauling pre-set crab pots on our top-notch crab spots. You get to haul the pots and empty them. When we are finished checking pots, we return to the dock where we teach you how to cook and clean the crabs, before ending the day with a nice crab meal if weather allows.

We take you to some of our favorite fishing locations, using a fast moving, open boat suitable for 2-6 fishermen/ladies. The most common catch is cod, Pollock, Pollack, Haddock, Ling, cusk and mackerel. In addition, you can get anglerfish, Atlantic wolfish, plaice, halibut and other species.



We also offer to bring you out hauling fishing nets. The variety of fish to catch in them are huge. After hauling the nets, we head back to the dock, taking the fish out and tend to the catch.


Upon request, we can also take you fishing with longlines, deep-sea bait fishing, and deep-sea pots. If you bring a wet suit, we are also able to bring you spearfishing and clam/shell harvesting.

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